Monday, November 25, 2019

Uru Manuka

last Friday a lady named Emma came in to our class and talked about Uru Manuka.
Uru Manuka is a summer kind of thing so what you have to do is do as much blog's you can 
do and the person who dose the most blogs wins a prize and the prize i want to win is 
the speaker.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Creative writing

the kid and the box he found 

Image result for books with lots of coins around it and a necklace

it was a hot day and jack had gone to the beach with his parents.
he went to dig up holes for fun and when he dug deeper he felt something hard so he dug around it and found a box so he took the box out and opened it and found a book and lots of coins and glasses with a neckless on the top of it so then he took it to his mum and she took it to the pawn shop and found out its worth thousands of dollars so then they sold the whole thing and they got 
50000 dollars and they used it to pay the bills so they dont have 
to rent the house anymore so after paying the bills and everything they had alot of money left so they went on a trip to Samoa so when they got back to there house they just went to sleep THE END.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

orana park

This week at Orana park we looked at animals that we thought that were small but they were very big they were bigger then my dad and family but the thing that I really liked was the Tigers.

But when we got there we went and looked at the mere cats first and the most deadly animal that they had was Tasmania devil and it looked kink of cute but they also looked like big rats mixed with a pig but don't be fooled by the face because it bites I don't know if you can die from it or it just stings so so bad but I think that you can die from the bite .

The thing that I thought that was the strongest was the giraffe because it's fast and it's very tall and because when we fed it the leaders said not to give it the stick just the leaves that are on the stick but it was too hard so when every one fed the giraffe it just took the whole stick because it was too hard to hold on the stick it took the whole thing and that is all I remember but I know that we looked at More animals then what I wrote.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


last week the J block have been doing Tanemahuta and that means we have been doing gardening what i did was to carry things out of this like old shed and the teacher said its going to make it a class room.

the people that was doing it with me was Lasa and shanarnia and other people that i dont know but it was sort of hard but it was also very easy . but then came the Next week i did'nt get to do the gardening on period 2 because i had to to kapa haka so then i had to skip the third one as well because i had to do gym sports and then after gym sports we went back to gardening.

After gym sports we went to gardening and when we got there we were already Finnish so then we did blogging and that is what i'm doing right now but we get to do more next week.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Doughnut Art Project

For this video me and my group worked on something very great for our Stop Motion.
People go to a doughnut store and buy doughnuts. This was Tz and Bh working on Art Hurumanu.

Attachments areSomething went wrong with the video so here it 

Monday, August 5, 2019

stop motion

This week for our hurumanu we did stop motion and for my groups stop motion we did people going to the doughnut store and the peoples name were shine liam sandy and mina they are all the characters of our stop motion. the people in my group were Elisha and Rarotonga and me Charlie.

For the start of our project we had to make the people out of clay it was hard but not really hard but the hard thing was to like shape it and get the right length and wighdeness. But we made it so then the next thing to do was to make the back round of our project. so after making the back round we then started putting the things in place. Then we started doing the stop motion. So for the start of the our stop motion  movie we had Mina start by going to get a strawberry frosted doughnut and it was 6 dollors. So after Mina it was liam and Sandy they went to get one but Liam did'nt have enough money so they were both sad and that is the end.

Monday, July 22, 2019

This term 7 and 8 bh and tz have been doing an hurumanu which we started last term . This week our group is working on our clay people and we also just started on our stop motion. We're doing this for art hurumanu .